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AirBike Pro

AirBike Pro

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Dimensions: 38 × 89 × 130 cm


Color: Black

Weight: 59 kg

Max User Weight: 150 kg

Resistance: Air

Power connection: Self-driven

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1490,00 €
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Air Bike Pro

AirBike PRO from Fitstuff

Our Fitstuff AirBike Pro is a robust and durable bike that provides a fantastic training experience.

When you first get on our AirBike, you don't doubt for a second that this is an absolutely top-class bike. The bike has been developed for commercial use, and can therefore be used with advantage for both large gyms, smaller associations, sports clubs, companies, crossfit boxes and for the quality-conscious private customer.

With this bike, you can activate almost all the muscles in the body, as you use your feet to step on the pedals, while simultaneously pulling and pushing the handles with your hands.

The resistance gradually increases as you work faster and faster. The wind resistance from the large fan, which sits on the bike, means that the load increases in line with the pace.

A big advantage of our AirBike is that it uses a belt to pull the flywheel around. Many other Airbikes on the market use a chain, and this makes them noisier and more maintenance-intensive.

Our AirBike is also equipped with a well-functioning screen that is easy and simple to operate.

Among the many functions on the bike can be mentioned:

  • Screen that measures time, distance, calories, watts, etc.

  • Via the screen, it is possible to choose several different forms of training, e.g. 10/20 interval, 20/10 interval, user-defined intervals, etc.

  • Belt drive - less noise & less maintenance

  • Adjustable (horizontal + vertical) ergonomic silicone seat

  • 3-in-1 soft and non-slip handlebar

  • Adjustable (2 pcs.) wind shields

  • Professional 3-sided foot rest

  • Large flywheel with 10 pcs. leaves

  • Three-piece and reinforced crank arm

  • The bike's dimensions in cm: 133 x 76.5 x 132.5

  • Weight of the bike: 59 kg.

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