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Sover Machine

Sover Machine

Základné informácie

  • Standard stack weight: 4*96 kg/4*212 lbs

  • Standard stack weight: 4*123 kg/4*271 lbs

  • Dimensions when folded: 420 x 72 x 237 cm

  • Net weight: 180 kg

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The counterweight pulleys have a weight ratio of 1:2, ensuring lower weight load and smooth movement. They save space, allowing multiple users to train simultaneously. They can be easily adjusted with one hand. Double-sided adjustable pulleys provide a wide variety of training options and easily withstand all types of exercises. The frame is equipped with rubber feet to prevent slipping. Each frame is electrostatically powder-coated to ensure maximum grip and durability. The 11-gauge steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity. Extra-large handles evenly distribute pressure for a comfortable training experience. The frame is made of sturdy, high-quality aluminum. The well-thought-out combined design simplifies assembly and transport

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